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Entry fees - see notes at the bottom of the page

Tombs Fee (LE) Note
Valley of the Kings    
Access to the site 100 ~ Student LE40
Allows access to the site and up to 3 tombs. Tombs include Ramses l, lV, Vll, lX; Seti ll, Tawsert / Sethnakhte; Tuthmosis lll, lV; Saptah; Horemheb; Menttuherkhopshef, but not all tombs are open all the time. Does not include entry to tombs of Tutankhamun, Ay or Ramses VI. The tractor (Dotto train or Taftaf) from the ticket office to the site is an additional LE4 return.
Seti 1 (KV17) 1,000 This is in addition to entry to the VOK site and additional to your 3 tombs.
Tutankhamun (KV62)
May close for renovation soon
100 This is in addition to entry to the VOK site and additional to your 3 tombs.
Replica of Tutankhamun's tomb 50 ~
includes house
Opened 1st May 2014. Situated near Carter's House. Entry fee includes entry to Carter's House
Ay 25 This is in addition to entry to the VOK site and additional to your 3 tombs.
Ramses VI 50 This is in addition to entry to the VOK site and additional to your 3 tombs.
Valley of the Queens    
Access to the site 50 ^ Student LE20
Access to the site and up to 3 tombs. Tombs include Titi, Amenherkhopshef & Kahemwaset but they may not all be open. Does not include the tomb of Nefertari, which was closed to the public for a long time but is now open (see below).
Nefertari (QV66) 1,000 Was closed to the public from 2003 but is now open. Catch it while you can.
Tombs of the Nobles    
Nakht, Menna & Amenemopet 30 °  
Rekhmire and Sennefer 30 °  
Ramose, Userhet and Khaemhet 40 °  
Khokha area (Neferrenpet, Nefersekheru, Dhutmosi / Djehutymes) 30 °  
Khonsu, Userhet, Benia 20 °  
Roy, Shuroy & Amenemopt 20 *  
Assasif area    
Pabasa 25  
Keref, Anchhor 25  
Dier-El-Medina area    
Pashedu 15 °  
Sennedjem, Inherkau 40 * also gives access to the temple at Dier-El-Medina

* Thanks to Brian Yare for these April 2014 updates
~ Thanks to Robert Poole for these May 2014 updates
^ Thanks to Mile Pekic for these October 2014 updates
¬ updated October 2014
° confirmed January 2015

There is another list here, which includes opening times, but the details may not be up to date

Temples Fee (LE) Note
Luxor 60 ^ Student LE25
Karnak 80 ^ Student LE35
Sound & light show LE100
There is an English performance every night but times vary - see below
Medinet Habu 40 *  
Ramesseum 40 *  
Dier El Medina 40 * Student LE 20 *
Also gives access to tombs of Sennedjem and Inherkau
Seti 1st 30 *  
Merenptah 20 *  
Hatshepsut (Dier El Bahry) 50 ^ plus LE2 for the tractor to the entrance
Abydos (Seti l) 40 ^  
Dendera 40 ^  
Isis (Dier Shelweet area) 40 *  

Museums Fee (LE) Note
Luxor 100 ^  
Mummification 50 ¬ Student LE25 ¬
Karnak (open air) 40 ^  

Other Fee (LE) Note
Colossi of Memnon free  
Howard Carter's House 20 LE50 entitles you to entry to the replica Tutankhamun tomb as well as the house

Karnak Sound and Light - times and languages
These are the scheduled times but schedules can change and there may be private performances. Phone (002) (095) 2386000 before making a special journey.
There may also be occasional performances in Russian.
Typical times 19.00 20.00 21.00
Mon English French Spanish
Tues Japanese English  
Wed German English French
Thurs English French Arabic
Fri English French  
Sat French English German
Sun German English Italian

Notes about the information on this page

The cost of entry to Luxor's tombs, temples, museums and other sights increased quite substantially in the years up to 2010, steadied since the fall in tourist numbers in 2011-13 but have since gone up again.

We keep this page as up to date as we can but the authorities do not advise us about changes. Please let us know through the contact form if you know of any errors or updates, or if there are other prices that should be in the list but we have not yet included.

The entry fees are much cheaper for Egyptian nationals and for genuine students. The charges listed are the standard entry fees for non-Egyptian adults. The charges are all per person in Egyptian Pounds.


Last updated May 2015 but not all prices updated at that time.

Children, young people and students

Children. The official line is that entrance tickets and transport in Luxor are free for children up to the age of six. We are not aware of anyone being charged for entry to any of the sights, including the tombs, the temples, the Sound and Light show or the National ferry, for any child who is, or looks, six or younger.

The ticket clerk may ask you to lift the child so they can be seen and they will judge whether they appear to be below the age threshold. A lot seems to be down to the official when assessing ages, but taking the passport or other proof of age may be handy if your child is under 6 but looks older.

Young people and students. Officially, young people between 7 and 12 (inclusive) pay a reduced rate which is around half the adult price but rounded up to the nearest LE5. Young people who look 13 or more will need an Egyptian or international student card to get the reduced student rate (a national card from a country other than Egypt will not normally be accepted). The young person's school or college should be able to help with this. If not, an application can be made online at www.isic.org. We understand that you can also get ISIC cards at an office in Sharia Ahmed Orabi if you don't get one before you go. You have to show passports. Take a passport photo too.

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