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Search input and some search tips

Search Tips


You can use * as a 'wildcard' to represent any number of characters.

So searching on cruise* will find cruises and cruiseboat.

You can use the * at the beginning or at the end of a word.

So *boat will find cruiseboat.

You can use the * at both ends of the word.

So *boat* will find cruiseboat and cruiseboats.

Multiple words

You can search using more than one word.

If you do use more than word, the search will find those words as a phrase, but not as individual words.

So searching for Snobs restaurant will find the phrase Snobs restaurant, but will not find Snobs or restaurant on their own.

Of course, searching on restaurant will find Snobs restaurant and all other restaurants.

Your search term

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There are some search tips in the column on the right.


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