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Egyptian Embassies in other countries

Washington DC, United States:
+1 202 895 5400
London, United Kingdom:
+44 (0)20 7499 3304
Ottawa, Canada:
+1 613 234 4931
Canberra, Australia (also responsible for New Zealand):
+61 (0)2 6273 4437
Pretoria, South Africa:
+27 (0)12 343 1590/1
Dublin, Ireland:
+353 (0)1 660 6566

Embassies in Egypt

United States Embassy, Cairo:
+20 (0)2 797 3300
British Embassy, Cairo:
+20 (0)2 794 0852
Canadian Embassy, Cairo:
+20 (0)2 794 3110
Australian Embassy, Cairo:
+20 (0)2 575 0444
South African Embassy, Cairo:
+20 (0)2 359 4365
Irish Embassy, Cairo:
+20 (0)2 735 8264
New Zealand Consulate-General, Cairo:
+20 (0)2 574 9360

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There are also links throughout this web site, where the link is relevant to a topic. For example, there is a link to the Egyptian Duty Free shops on the arriving page (where there is a reference to duty free) and on the alcohol page.



UK Foreign and
Commonwealth Office

The FCO provides official UK government advice to UK citizens planning to travel abroad, with a focus on security and safety issues.


Egyptian Consulate in the UK

Advice for tourists to Egypt, including visa requirements.


Foreign and Commonwealth Office Insurance Advice

Official UK government advice on getting insurance and the rinks if you don't.


British Embassy in Egypt

As well as British news, there are links to the Consulate and British Council web sites and information for Egyptian nationals wanting to visit Britain


Theban Mapping Project

Masses of information about tombs and temples on the west bank, especially the Valley of the Kings, including maps of the tombs and detailed illustrations, aerial photos and videos.


Supreme Council of Antiquities

Official site approved by the ministry of culture, with lots of detail and latest news on historical sites and finds, not just in Luxor, but Egypt-wide


Egyptian Tourist Authority

Egyptian government tourist promotion site. Clicking the link will take you to the Luxor page, but site deals with tourism across Egypt.


Luxor News

A regular blog from Jane Akshar, an English lady who is married to an Egyptian, lives on the west bank and co-owns flats that are let to tourists. The blog is mostly about antiquities (news of recent finds, reports from lectures etc.) but also includes topical items affecting Luxor people today.


Dr Zahi Hawass

The web site and blog of Dr Zahi Hawass, former Secretary General of The Supreme Council of Antiquities, then cabinet minister under the former government and again minister under the new regime. Includes discoveries at Luxor and elsewhere in Egypt as well as information about Dr Hawass.


Islamic Calendar

Explanation of the Islamic (Hijri) calendar.


Blog - Our Luxor Flat

A regular blog by Edward and Freda, british ex-pats who live in (very) central Luxor. They write about everyday life and changing Luxor.


Blog - Oranges by the Nile

A regular blog by 'Ruby Tuesday', a british ex-pat who lives by the Nile with her british/egyptian husband and two children. She writes lightheartedly about everyday life in and around Luxor with a focus on her own family and villa near the Jolie Ville.

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