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Airport parking

Save money on Airport Parking

Airport parking can take up a large part of the total cost of the holiday, so it makes as much sense to cut this cost as it does to find a good holiday deal.

The companies listed below offer lower cost parking at UK airports, on or off site, than you would pay if you just turn up and pay at the gate.

'Meet and Greet' can be very good value

It is also worth considering 'Meet and Greet' services, otherwise known as 'Valet Parking'. This used to be an expensive alternative but is now available to anyone at the same sort of cost as ordinary airport parking.

Instead of taking your car to a car park and then transferring by coach or minibus to the terminal, you just drive to the terminal and meet a chauffeur who takes your car to the car park for you. He then meets you outside the terminal building with your car when you get back. This service is offered by many of the airport parking companies. If you have time, it is worth trying most of them to get the best deal, but if time is limited we usually find Park & Go and SkyParkSecure offer the best value for meet and greet services.

Parking and 'Meet and Greet' Companies



Get a quote and book online for parking or for a hotel with parking space. They also offer other travel-related services including airport lounges. If you don't want to drive to the airport, they can also book you a coach with an airport hotel package.

Airpor Parking and hotels

Pre-book parking at 18 airports, at Dover sea port and at Folkestone for the Eurotunnel. They offer a competitive quote for their own car parks and a quote for car parks operated by their competitors as well. Meet and greet service available at Gatwick, Heathrow, Edinburgh, Stanstead and Manchester.

British Airport Authority parking

'Official' on-airport parking at BAA's airports: Heathrow, Stanstead, Southampton, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh


Parking and 'meet & greet' at 26 major UK airports including Gatwick, Heathrow, Stanstead, Manchester and at ports. Will price match against competitors.


UK airport hotels with inclusive holiday parking, secured airport parking and other travel services such as executive lounges in the UK and abroad

Holiday extras

Get an online quote and pre-book car parking at most international and regional airports. They offer comparative quotes from a range of providers of on- and off- airport car parks, at a discount compared with the price you pay if you just turn up. They also quote for a hotel room the night before you go, with parking while you are away and other travel-related services.

Last Minute Airport Parking

Parking at every British airport, can be booked up to an hour before arrival.

Park & Go

Parking at 20 UK international and regional airports with meet and greet service at 11 of them. Very straightforward web site with the opportunity to book parking and hotel and parking combinations.

purple parking logo

They only offer parking at their own sites, including their Quality Parking brand. You can get a comparison of these brands and others through other parking providers listed here, but worth trying them direct as well in case they offer a better price.

Sky Park Secure

The usual on and off-airport parking but also a very good value meet and greet service and some airports.


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