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Major hotels to the south of Luxor centre

The aerial view illustrates the relative locations of the major hotels on the southern side of Luxor centre. To give an idea of scale, walking at a strolling pace it will take about 8 minutes to get from the Iberotel to the New Pola; about 15 minutes to stroll from the Iberotel to the Sonesta and a bit more than half an hour to get from the Iberotel to the Sheraton.

It is possible to see that, other than the Sheraton, most of the popular hotels are very close together, so it is really facilities, price and preference that will determine your choice, rather than location. You can also get an idea of how close they are from the photo at the bottom of the choosing page.

Notice that the New Pola, Morris and St Joseph hotels are not on the Nile side of the main road, but they do all have good Nile views from their upper floors and roofs.

Most of the hotels have traffic passing outside on the main road. The Iberotel is on a busy roundabout. The Morris is set back from the main road, so traffic is reduced, but as well as local traffic, caleches and tour buses park nearby. The Lotus is set back within its grounds, so is less bothered by traffic outside. The Sheraton is at the end of a no-through road, so it is the only one of this group with no through traffic at all.

Hotels in the southern cluster

Original aerial photo ©2007 Digital Globe

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