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Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton hotel

Quick facts

Official local rating 5 star
Typical UK rating 5 star
Rooms 290
Floors (main building) 4
TV & Fridge in all rooms
Air conditioning
Outdoor pools
3 restaurants
Wireless internet (chargeable)
30 minute walk from the centre
Courtesy bus service into Luxor

Contact details

Web* www.sheraton.com
Email shr.lxr@sheraton.com
Phone 00 20 95 227 4544
Address Al Awameya
P.O. Box 43
Egypt 83951
* The full web address of the Luxor Sheraton is longer than shown. Click on the blue entry and you will go there.

Our View

A little further out and a bit quieter than most Luxor hotels. Popular hotel, recently renovated, but main restaurant food quality not the best.

Ways to book this hotel

The agencies listed below can book rooms for you at this hotel. Click on the name to go to their web site. The ones listed first usually offer the best deals.


Transfer to the hotel

An unbooked airport taxi should cost about LE40-50 per taxi (not per person).

Local tour companies will arrange a transfer from about LE80 per car. Read more about this on the Getting to the hotel page.

Sheraton from the Nile

Sheraton from the Nile

Most of the hotels on the southern side of Luxor front onto the main road. This sites them conveniently for local shops and restaurants. However, it also means that road traffic noise is hard to escape and that you are bombarded by people asking you to take a taxi or caleche the moment you leave the front door of the hotel. The Sheraton is a little further away, at the end of a cul-de-sac, so there is no passing traffic. Noise is therefore much less intrusive. It is also possible to walk immediately in front of the hotel, within the grounds, before you start to meet local people keen to offer you their services.

The respite is short-lived if you want to walk to town because you are approached as soon as you leave the gate. From this point caleche and taxi drivers, as well as felucca captains and their touts, are plentiful. Then you have to pass the other hotels and their attached service-sellers anyway. However, you do have the chance to take the hotel's free shuttle bus, which runs 7 times a day each way, or a taxi into Luxor centre from inside the hotel grounds, and avoid that attention, at least until you get into town.

There is even more isolation from local attention at the more remote hotels, the Sofitel Karnak, the Hilton and the Maritim Jolie Ville (ex-Mövenpick), but those hotels are outside realistic walking distance from town. At the Sheraton you have the best compromise: the chance to be a little quieter than if you were closer to town and the option to take a half-hour walk into Luxor if you want to.

Sheraton 'bungalows'

Sheraton 'bungalows' around their pool

There are many types of room at the Sheraton. They fall into three main categories. There is a main building in which some rooms have a Nile view and some do not. The third category are called 'bungalows'. These are separate from the main building. Most of them are not actually bungalows but clusters of two-story buildings, some surrounding a small pool.

The grounds on the Nile side are on several levels with a generous Nile frontage and much more space than at the other Nile-side hotels in the area. The main pool is very small for a hotel of this size. There are outdoor eating and refreshment facilities in three areas outside: by the pool; on the terrace outside the main restaurant and on another terrace outside the bar. .

The hotel's main restaurant is called the Karnak, accessible from the reception area and from a terrace at the back. Prices here are about the same as at La Mama but there are also snacks such as salads at LE35-55, burgers for around LE55 and desserts LE35-55. Drink prices are reasonable for a hotel. Nescafe is LE12 and supplied with 2 sachets and enough water and milk for 2 cups. Fresh juices are LE16 and soft drinks LE13. A large mineral water is LE12, which is less than the Maritim's LE15 and much less than the Hilton's LE22, but, unsurprisingly, quite a lot more than at restaurants outside. The adult-only Sukkarya bar off reception also has a snack menu and a terrace.

The Sheraton has a well-reputed Italian restaurant, La Mama, amongst the shops at the front. In La Mama pasta meals are about LE60, most pizzas LE65 and a steak will cost around LE110, about twice as much as in the better restaurants outside. Reports on the other restaurants are mixed, but the majority opinion is that the food is not as good here as it is in other hotels in the same price band.

If you go half-board, the supplement you pay does not cover the full cost of a meal in all the restaurants: it entitles you to a credit and you pay the difference. The difference between the half-board cost and the bed & breakfast cost varies depending on the agent you use when you book the holiday and when you book it. Some people have found that the half-board supplement is less than the credit it gives you against a meal. By and large the popular suggestion is that you stick with b&b and decide for yourself where you want to take lunch and dinner.

You have the choice of paying cash for food and drink bought around the hotel, or charging it to your room account for settlement later. If you choose to charge it to your room, a 2% supplement is added. This is unusual and can mount up.

Sheraton after upgrade

After the upgrade

The reception area, grounds and rooms were all upgraded between 2008 and 2010. The work is complete, but there is some building work on the Nile side of the bungalows, which can cause disturbance especially to the bungalows furthest from the pool.

Following renovation, the reception area is now very modern, spacious, light and airy. The rooms are fine, if not special, and well equipped, with hair driers as well as the usual fridge and satellite TV. Wireless internet is also available. It covers the rooms and the grounds, including the restaurants, but the price is very high at €20 per day, €10 per hour or €5 per half hour.

During the renovation the buildings were all painted externally in a deep orange, sunset colour. This has now been changed back to a more restful cream.

At the front of the hotel there are a number of shops selling the typical tourist wares and also a beauty saloon where the services such as hairdressing, manicure and pedicure have a good reputation. Amongst the shops there is also an ATM that takes Diners as well as the usual Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and Cirrus; and a bank note changer.

Review updated March 2010
Prices updated March 2010


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