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Hotels in Luxor - Location overview

The Egyptian Hotels Association lists 45 hotels in Luxor, of which 8 are locally rated 5 star. Between them the 45 hotels provide 5751 rooms, so there is lots of capacity and plenty of choice. These hotels are essentially in six clumps:

  1. There are some on the West Bank,
  2. a few in the north,
  3. several tourist hotels in the city centre and
  4. backpacker hotels nearer the station.
  5. Most tourist hotels are in the south and
  6. one is further out, also to the south.

1. West Bank

None of the hotels on the west bank is used by the major package tour companies as far as we are aware. These hotels tend to be used by people who are already familiar with Luxor, by backpackers and by archaeological devotees.

2. Out of town - to the north

To the north of Luxor centre is the Hilton, about 5kms out of town, recently refurbished and aimed at the high end of the market. Still to the north, and even further out, is the Sofitel Karnak.

3. Town Centre

A bunch of hotels in the centre of Luxor include the famous (Old) Winter Palace, the adjoining Pavillon Winter (the rest of the New Winter Palace was demolished early in 2009), the Eatabe (previously the El Luxor and before that the Mercure) and the Iberotel. There are also several 2- 3 star hotels including the Emilio, Susanna, Philippe, Queens Valley and Tutotel.

These hotels in the centre are all closest to the main East Bank attractions and to the main ferries to the West Bank. Within reasonable walking distance from these hotels are Luxor temple, Luxor museum, the mummification museum and the main market.


4. Backpacker hotels

In the general city centre area, further back from the Nile than most of the major tourist hotels, are plenty of backpacker hotels. Most of them are in an area between the railway station, Television Street and Medina Street.

5. East Bank - to the south

About 8 minutes stroll from the centre, up a rather boring road starting at the roundabout by the Iberotel, is the beginning of a group of hotels to the south of the town. This is very much a tourist enclave with hotels, plenty of restaurants and tourist shops. The town centre is walkable or not more than LE10 in a taxi. This area has the Sonesta St George, Steigenberger Nile Palace, Club Med (French - closed), Lotus, Isis, New Pola, St Joseph, Morris, Gaddis and, a little further out, the Sheraton.

6. Out of town - further to the south

Beyond this group, further to the south, is the Maritim Jolie Ville (formerly the Mövenpick). This is too far out for most people to walk into town and being away from the centre and the tourist enclave, is much quieter. Like the Sofitel to the north, it is ideal for people who want to be able to get to the sights, but not too often, and prefer to be away from the busier part of Luxor.

For an opinion about which hotel in each group may be best for you, have a look at the choosing page. If you know where you want to stay, select the hotel name from the list on the left to find more detail and links to agencies that handle bookings for that hotel.


Updated October 2014

Southern cluster

Some hotels in the Southern part of Luxor, seen from the Nile

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