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Hilton Resort and Spa

Hilton Hotel

Hilton hotel

Quick facts

Official local rating 5 star
Typical UK rating 5 star
Rooms 261
TV & Fridge in all rooms
Air conditioning
2 pools
7 restaurants and bars
Courtesy bus into Luxor

Contact details

Web www.hilton.co.uk/luxor
Email luxor@hilton.com
Phone +20 95 2399999
Address P.O. Box 13 
New Karnak

Our View

The Hilton is aimed at the top end of the market.


Ways to book this hotel

We will update this message as soon as we have more information.




The Hilton was closed for about two years but re-opened, refurbished, modernised and uprated, in November 2008.

Before refurbishment we thought that the Luxor Hilton was OK, but not amongst the best Luxor hotels by a long way. Its main problem was its location so far from town in an unattractive area without the quality benefits to make such remoteness worthwhile.

The hotel has since been refurbished to an extremely high standard, offering large rooms and plenty of facilities including internet in all rooms. It has been renamed the 'Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa' and has a separate wing with its own reception for the spa villas.

Externally, the main building looks much as it did, except for the grounds and pools, which have been landscaped and much uprated. Internally, the finish has been upgraded substantially, with high gloss marble and running water features throughout: even flowing down the walls behind the main staircase from reception level to the outdoor pool level.

We plan to visit again and to update our review during February.



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