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Booking a lounge

You can pre-book a VIP lounge, at a saving compared to the turn-up price, through one of these:

Lounge Pass

Holiday extras

Airport Lounges

One of the worst bits about any holiday is waiting around in the departure lounge for the flight to be called.

It isn't so bad for first class passengers, who have special lounges. But not all is lost, as some lounges are available to all travellers, including people travelling on charter flights. You just have to buy a lounge pass.

Lounges usually offer free drinks (soft, hot and alcoholic), free snacks, newspapers, magazines and internet. Check the specific lounge for details, but most of these are available at most lounges and they are usually all free. A couple of drinks, a snack and a wi-fi connection would cost a fair bit in the departure terminal, so getting all these free results in savings which reduce the effective cost of the lounge.

You have to wear smart casual dress (no shorts, baseball caps etc) and there are often restrictions on children and larger groups, so again, check the specifics for each lounge.

You can sometimes book into the lounge just by turning up, as long as they are not full, but it will cost a little more (typically 20% more). To be more certain of admission, and save some money, you can book in advance.

The cost to use lounges varies from one to another, but at the major airports expect to pay around £20 - £25 if you just turn up or £16 - £20 if you book in advance.

Web sites such as Lounge Pass list available lounges in the UK and abroad, tell you the costs and let you book in advance at a discount compared with the 'turn up' price. You can also book through Holiday Extras.

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