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Do I need a visa to visit Luxor?

A visa is required for visitors from most countries. Visas are available in advance but visitors from some countries, including the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA and Canada, can arrive without a visa and get one on arrival. Most tourists do this.

Children need their own visa if they have their own passport. Children do not need a separate visa if they are on a parent's passport. It is one visa per passport, not one visa per person.

Nationals of Iran, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq and Eritrea need clearance from authorities in Cairo before a visa can be issued.

Entry requirements for non-Egyptians: more detail

There are special rules for longer stays and for people entering for diplomatic and a range of other reasons. Click the heading to this box to go to the relevant page of the web site of the Egyptian Consulate.

How to get a visa in advance

You can get a visa in advance from your own country or from the country you visit before going to Egypt.

To apply for a visa in advance you need to take the application form (click the blue to see it and download it if you wish), a passport photo of the applicant and the passport of the applicant, which must be valid a least 6 months beyond the date of issue of the visa. You also need the fee in cash or in a form acceptable to your national embassy or consulate. In the UK the acceptable alternative to cash is a postal order payable to 'The Egyptian Consulate'. Cheques and credit cards are not accepted. In some cases you may also need proof of your return from Egypt, such as the return half of an airline ticket. Check with your local embassy whether that applies to you - you do not need proof of return if you have a UK passport.

If applying by post the same documents are required but the fee has to be sent by the alternative method (a postal order in the UK), not in cash. You will also need to add a return envelope, self addressed in block capitals, with sufficient postage for registered or recorded delivery.

Cost of a tourist visa bought in advance

For holders of UK, Canadian and most European passports, a single entry tourist visa in advance is £20*. A multiple entry tourist visa, which allows any number of visits within a 6 month period, is £32*. The multiple entry visa allows a maximum cumulative time in Egypt of 3 months within the 6 months validity.

The cost of a single entry visa in advance for holders of USA, Russian, and some Scandinavian passports is £12^ and a multiple entry visa is the same. German passport holders pay £13^ for a single or multiple entry visa. South African nationals get one free.

* Since 1st May 2014

^ No increase in May 2014

The cost of a tourist visa bought on arrival

Buying a single entry visa on arrival at Luxor costs 25 US dollars (from 1st May 2014), which is usually between £13 and £20 depending on the US$ to £ exchange rate. For all UK, European and American passport holders this is usually cheaper than buying a single entry visa in advance (unless the value of £1 falls to become worth less than $1.25). However, if you are returning within 6 months it is cheaper to buy a multiple entry visa in advance than to buy single entry visas on arrival each time.

A visa bought on arrival is valid for up to a month. Applications for visa extensions should be made at Egyptian Passport and Immigration Offices. There is one in Luxor.

Please read the TOP TIP on the 'arriving' page to avoid paying too much for your visa at the airport.

If you are a national of a country other than Canada, Europe, or the USA, check with your local Egyptian embassy whether you are allowed to get a visa on arrival and about the costs. There is some advice, even about the position for other nationalities, on the site of the Egyptian Consulate in the UK.

Click here to read about what happens when you arrive at Luxor airport, including how to purchase a visa on arrival.

Where to get a visa if you are going to Luxor via Cairo

If you are travelling to Luxor via Cairo you must get your visa at Cairo airport. This is because you will be travelling from Cairo to Luxor on an internal flight and you will arrive at the Luxor airport's domestic arrivals terminal, where there are no visa kiosks. Luxor's visa kiosks are in the international arrivals terminal which only serves flights from outside Egypt.

Getting a visa at Cairo is straightforward. As you follow the direction signs from your international flight, through the flight transfer corridors to your domestic (Cairo to Luxor) flight, you will pass the visa kiosk. Get your visa before you go to the domestic part of the transfer corridor.

If you are leaving Cairo airport and staying in Cairo, even for a few minutes, before your onward journey, you must get your visa as part of the visa / passport / customs process before you leave the airport, just as you would if you were going straight from another country into Luxor.

When you go from Cairo to Luxor you will be on an internal flight, so your visa (which will already be in your passport by this time) will not be an issue.

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