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Vaccinations (inoculations)

(information from the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population)


Yellow fever (only if coming from an infected area)

Certificate of vaccination required for travellers over 1 year old arriving from an infected area.


Hepatitis B

Recommended for travellers who may have intimate contact with local residents


Recommended for all travellers


Recommended for travellers who may have direct contact with animals and may not have access to medical care


Recommended. Booster required every 10 years


Recommended for all travellers

Not specifically recommended


Not recommended, but should be considered.

Hepatitis A

Not recommended, but should be considered

Hepatitis E

Not recommended but should be considered



Egypt is not currently listed as infected with cholera. A cholera vaccination certificate is not a condition of entry to Egypt. However, sporadic cases of cholera have been reported. Medical opinion is divided on whether precautions should include vaccination. Most consider good hygiene and safe food and drink to be the best precautions.



Malaria was once widespread in Egypt, but a national malaria control programme has eradicated the disease in virtually the whole of Egypt. There is still a tiny risk between June and October in a small area, known as the Fayoum Governorate, about 50 miles south west of Cairo - so bear that in mind if you travel off the beaten track. However malaria is not a problem in Luxor, which is officially free of the disease. According to the World Health Organisation no cases of malaria have been reported in Egypt since 1998 and preventative medication is not recommended.


Unwell in Luxor?

Have a look at the page on health so that you are prepared in case you have any tummy problems whilst you are away.

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