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No daylight saving time since 2011

The last time the Egyptian closcks changed was in 2010. Following a poll on the government's web site, the Egyptian interim cabinet decided that there would be no daylight saving time in 2011 and this has been carried on by the new government. It could be a longer-term arrangement, but we can't really be certain until a permanent constitution and parliament are in place.

In the winter Egypt is still 2 hours ahead of GMT but, for the time being at least, and in the longer term if the Egyptians continue to leave their clocks alone, it will be only one hour ahead for the rest of the year including throughout British and European summer time.


The time shown is the time in Egypt now.

In Egypt the clocks used to go forward on the last Friday in April and go back again on the last Friday in September (but not since 2011. See blue box). Between those dates Egypt used to be 3 hours ahead of GMT.

European Summer Time, otherwise known as Daylight Saving Time, in Britain known as British Summer Time, starts on the last Sunday in March and ends on last Sunday in October.


Time differences
From Until Luxor time:
UK time:
Time difference:
Luxor ahead of UK by:
26 Oct 2014 29 Mar 2015 2 hours 0 2 hours
30 Mar 2015 24 Apr 2015 2 hours 1 hour 1 hour
25 Apr 2015 25 Sept 2015 2 hours (while there is no daylight saving time, otherwise 3 hours) 1 hour 1 hour (while there is no daylight saving time in Egypt, otherwise 2 hours)
26 Sept 2015 25 Oct 2015 2 hours 1 hour 1 hour

updated Nov 2014

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