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The Sun

The sun shines virtually all day, every day in Luxor. The weather at this very moment is summarised on the front page and the weather page . The typical number of sunshine hours per day in any month is illustrated on the weather page.

This guaranteed sunshine is gorgeous and it is why many people choose to go to Luxor. Nevertheless, there are hazards that it really is necessary to guard against.

It is generally thought that the thing to worry about most is Ultra Violet (UV). The problem is that you can't see UV and it is not the sort of thing you see in many weather forecasts or reports. There are ways to measure UV, but we are not aware of any information about UV levels being published in Luxor, so if you want to know whether you are getting too much sun, you will probably have to take a UV monitor with you.

Avon factor 50 sun cream Not many people will go so far as to take a monitor, but most people will use something to protect the skin from the worst effects of the sun. Current medical advice suggests that, because of the strength of the sun, you should start with a protection factor of at least 30, and preferably 50. That may sound high, but the tan does still get through.

Avon sell sun creams up to factor 50 and several sun creams for children. Click the picture to go to their web site. If the click does not take you straight to their suncare range, enter 'sun' in the search box.


Updated September 2012

Sun forecast

For details of the average sun hours per day, temperatures and other weather you can expect in any month, go to the weather page.

What to wear

There is some advice on what to wear, bearing in mind the the sun and heat, on the what to wear page.


Some insects love the heat too. Have a look at the Insects page to read about the sort of creepy crawlies you can expect to encounter.

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