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Luxor Medical Centre

Medical Centre

Medical Centre, St Joseph Street

Apart from doctors' surgeries, pharmacies and hotel facilities, there are three other places in Luxor where you can receive medical treatment. The Luxor International Hospital is huge. It is near the south-eat corner of the built-up part of Luxor, facing Television Street (see map).

There is a new Luxor General Hospital, near the Corniche, between the El Luxor Hotel and the Luxor Museum.

The third and most recent addition to medical treatment opportunities is the Luxor Medical Centre. This is a treatment centre aimed principally at tourists and situated in a tourist area (see map), although it will provide treatment for local people too. In practice, unless you are taken by emergency services to one of the hospitals, after a road traffic accident or sudden trauma, for example, the Luxor Medical Centre is probably the place most tourists would go to if they know about it, especially tourists based at the southern end of Luxor. .

All treatment has to be paid for, at all three of the places. Some (but not all) Egyptians have insurance cover. The rest have to find the money through families and friends. Tourists, too, will have to pay, but again fees should be covered through travel insurance. At the Luxor Medical Centre the list of fees is available so that you know what you are liable to pay up front. They will usually handle the insurance side of things for you, too. The clinic is trying to make itself better known, particularly by linking with tourist hotels, but not all hotels have responded so far. A few have their own medical facilities and others will link to the more traditional hospitals, but you could express a preference for the Medical Centre if you needed treatment.

Room at medical centre

The centre is light and bright, as you might expect from a private clinic back in the UK. You will be greeted in English, most of the time by an ex-pat Brit, so you don't need to know the arabic for diarrhoea, or whatever ailment you arrive with. And the list of ailments they treat is quite extensive. The clinic will not deal in open-heart surgery or maternity, but say they can handle just about anything else. If the resident doctors and other medical staff do not have to appropriate expertise, they will call on help from Cairo.

Operating theatre

Operating theatre

The operating theatres appear well equipped to the layman, although in some cases apparatus may not be as up-to-date as it might be in the better hospitals or clinics back home. The rooms are spacious by clinic standards and again appear well equipped both medically and in terms of 'home comforts'.

Shower room

Modern facilities

Equally important, the medical and administrative staff we have met have all been very pleasant and easily approachable. Although we have not needed treatment, we would feel confident attending for the kind of issues that are likely to befall a tourist abroad.  



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