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You don't go to Luxor for the night life. The main entertainment is the history, ancient architecture and the culture. Most tourists tend to have an early night and get up early, before the sun gets too hot.

Many hotels, especially the bigger ones, have entertainment some evenings. This is usually a local band or vocalists. Standards are not usually very high. There are also 'culture shows' with belly dancers, snakes and so on, again mostly in the bigger hotels. The St Joseph hotel has one such show with dinner most Saturday nights, but it depends on a sufficient number of tickets being sold, so may not happen when it is particularly quiet. The Nile Palace has something going on in the inner courtyard most nights. This is free - you just buy a drink or snack.

The biggest evening food, drink and entertainment event is the Fellah's tent in the grounds of the Jolie Ville. Non-residents can go to this. See the sights page for more details, but get your ticket direct from the hotel and arrange your own transport to get the best price.

The Regal Lounge (above the Fortune Cookie, opposite Puddleduck) has a weekly quiz on Fridays. The Gaddis have two (recently increased to three) karaoke nights a week that are popular with ex-pat Brits.

The bigger hotels have televisions in most rooms and there is usually at least one English-speaking channel. This may be a news channel or a channel showing American films and police soaps, with arabic subtitles. See the individual hotel reviews for more information.

There is not a huge amount of entertainment for children. The Sofitel at Karnak and the Jolie Ville have clubs and pools for children. The same and several other of the bigger hotels have children's entertainment in the hotel.

There is a cinema which shows mostly arabic films and a Pool Room off Television Street.

Apart from facilities in hotels, there are snooker tables in the Genesis pub near the Hilton. A small bowling alley is part of the Metropolitan Bowling Club on the Lower Corniche in front of the Old Winter Palace.

The are a few 'discos' but they generally amount to a bar with music - not a club disco. There have been quite a few reports of 'sharp practice' at some of the discos, such as drinks being rimmed and other unsavoury behaviour, so be careful. ('Rimmed' is when someone orders a mix, such as a gin & tonic. The glass is filled with tonic and gin is wiped around the edge so that the first mouthful tastes strongly of gin but there is not much gin in the glass).

Most of the bigger hotels have libraries of second-hand novels which can be borrowed and exchanged. It is possible to get imported newspapers that are usually a day or two old. The crossword may have been started. They are usually collected from incoming planes, or from people who have just flown in, and are sold by men on bikes. Alternatively, take reading matter with you. You are not likely to find English language magazines but if you have time you could get a trial subscription to a magazine before you go and cancel it when you get back. Some magazines are available on a '3 for £1' trial basis with no further commitment. There are many examples on 3magazinesforapound.co.uk.

If you like to have western music or films it is best to get them before you go and take them and the players with you.


Updated April 2013


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