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Tudor Rose restaurant (St Joseph Hotel)

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose, also accessible via St Joseph's reception

Our View

Not an obvious place to go but their special deals are superb value for a good rather than excellent meal.


The restaurant in the St Joseph hotel used to be called the Classic, but is now called the Tudor Rose. It is a much less obvious place to eat than most, unless you are staying at this hotel. Nevertheless, worth trying. If the entrance in the side road indicated by the illuminated sign is closed, go into the hotel and through the hotel lobby.

The hotel itself is less glamorous than some of the larger ones that surround it, but its restaurant is every bit as good as most of the 2 or three star ones and considerably better than many. It used to have only a small 'no smoking' section but smoking is not now permitted anywhere the whole restaurant.

The waiters are smartly dressed in traditional black and white and adequately attentive. The restaurant and tables are clean and spacious enough not to make you feel cramped.

The evening dinner menu is reasonably varied and includes Egyptian and International options. Prices are in line with better restaurants if you order a single course. However, it is hardly ever necessary to pay menu prices, unless you just want a quick, one-curse snack, such as a cheap salad or appetizer. This is because the restaurant invariably has special offers. The longest standing special offer entitled customers to 6 four-course evening meals for £35 (English pounds). The restaurant has introduced a variation on this. You can now choose any four courses from the menu for LE50, without committing to 6 meals. The LE50 includes taxes, so you just have to add a drink and a tip. The offer is open to residents and non-residents alike. This makes it pointless ordering a fillet steak on its own, for example, as this would cost more than a four course meal incorporating the same steak. The four courses are real, full courses, there is no 'dip and bread' course as there are at some other package-meal restaurants. First course may be a soup or a salad; second course may be spring rolls, tawouk or another appetizer, the third course is one of a very large selection of main courses including pastas, egyptian meals, fish or steaks. The fourth course is a dessert, which, unusually, you are asked to order at the same time as you order the other three courses.

The meals are not the best in town. Nevertheless, they are reasonably good, well cooked and the main courses are plentiful. If you are used to dining and Snobs, Puddleduck or the other first class restaurants, don't expect Tudor Rose to compare. But if you want something that is fine rather than fantastic and just want plenty to eat at phenomenal value, at four courses for a fiver this restaurant is worth a try.

The restaurant is also open for lunch between noon and 2.45pm when soups, appetizers, desserts and a reduced range of main courses are available, all at the same prices as the dinner menu, as well as a range of good value omelettes and sandwiches. At other times, snacks are available on the roof of the hotel.


Review updated April 2013
Prices at April 2013

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