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Snack Time



View from the roof at Snacktime, Luxor

View from the balcony

McDonalds had a virtual monopoly on western-style fast food in the central area of Luxor until November 2006, when Snack Time opened just a few doors away. Snack Time immediately took the upper hand but things have lapsed since then.

McDonalds has fine views from the upper floors, through large windows. Snack Time has views that are at least their equal, but they have a balconies on two levels, so you can enjoy a full panorama of Luxor Temple without even having to look through glass. Snack Time also has a broader range of foods including not only burgers, but also pizzas, paninis, and pastas, sandwiches, salads, a better range of desserts and a wide choice of drinks, all at keen prices. Unfortunately, the quality has fallen since the early days. Although the new prices are still reasonably attractive, Snacktime is no longer an obvious choice, quality being variable and variety now being contested if not yet matched by the competition.

Snacktime used to be typically tourist, with a menu in English and food variety to suit western tastes. It has now 'gone local'. Nothing wrong with that. There are English translations of the now-arabic menus (but only inside and you may have to ask for it) and you will still find something you like to eat, but the focus does appear to have shifted to become a fast-food restaurant for Egyptians rather than an egyptian McDonalds.

As at nearby McDonalds, there is free internet, cheap coffee, lunch for a fair price and similar temple views, so you can now choose between quite different restaurants whereas before you had the choice of a McDonalds and a McDonalds look-alike.

We used to recommend Snacktime, but reductions in standards lead us to suggest you now look at the alternatives: not only McDonalds almost next door but also the more recently opened Cafe Latte a few shops away, which now offers a better environment and better quality food, albeit from a more limited range.


Review updated October 2014

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