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Sinbad restaurant, Luxor

Sindbad restaurant


Sindbad and neighbouring Hamees were due to close around the spring of 2013 because of the ongoing redevelopment of the central area. However, that redevelopment has been delayed by the troubles and lack of cash.


This is an open air restaurant in the grounds of the Luxor Wena Hotel, behind Luxor Temple, near McDonald's on the Winter Palace side. There is a covered area for when the wind is blowing or when the sun is at its hottest. Trees in the open part provide alternative shade. If you are facing the right way you can see Luxor temple across the road, although you can get better views at other nearby restaurants.

This is a no frills place, with cushioned metal chairs on shingle ground. There is a typical outdoor WC, but you might prefer not to use it.

Food choice is fine, including western snacks and egyptian dishes. Prices are very keen indeed. A plain omelette is just LE6 and other omelettes about LE10, but they come on their own and chips are an extra LE5. Salads between LE5.5 and LE7 and a grilled or baked fish meal is LE25. Pizza are mostly LE20 and various other main meals are available for around LE25. A few desserts are on the menu at LE7 - LE10. Drinks are also good value and served cold despite the outdoor environment. Beers are from LE8, hot drinks are around LE4 - 5 and soft drinks about the same. All prices are exclusive of a 12% compulsory service charge and taxes, so you need to add about a quarter to the prices to work out what you actually pay. Even allowing for this the prices are extremely competitive, especially bearing in mind its central location. The food is good, bearing in mind that this is a cheap outdoor 'garden' meal. The service is good too, but one or more of the waiters might try to sell you a felucca trip. This is a shame. There is enough touting in the street; you would hope that you could eat without having to go through the same. The other shame is that two or three cats patrol the restaurant and are quite likely to end up meowing for food, screeching or fighting under your chair. If you like skinny cats that's fine, if not they might spoil your meal.

Overall a good, basic, inexpensive, outdoor restaurant: fine for daytime drinks or snacks. Neighbouring Hamees has better views from the front part and the paved surface and sturdier furniture are a bit more practical, but the Sindbad has a more 'garden' feel to it. There isn't too much difference in the prices between the Sindbad and the Hamees, so it depends on whether you want practicality or charm - and whether you like cats.


Review updated October 2014
Prices as at October 2014

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