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The Roof

The Roof

The Roof and its view

The roof is on the fourth floor of Snacktime. To get to it you can go up the stairs at the back of the Snacktime restaurant, or use the lift just inside Snacktime's front door. Although you get to it through Snacktime, this is a separate restaurant. They have a separate menu and price structure. You can't take Snacktime food up there.

The main feature of The Roof is the view. It has uninterrupted views over the back of Luxor Temple and to the Nile and West Bank beyond.

The top is covered with fabric, so you are not too exposed to the ravages of the sun

You can get a good range of appetizers, mostly around LE8 - LE10 and soup at LE15. Grills are between about LE25 (Kofta) and LE45 (lamb). Desserts are mainly LE15 - LE20, soft and hot drinks are around LE6 and fresh juices LE10.

The food is prepared on an open grill at the back of the restaurant. Most of the food appeared fine, although some cuts of meat were not the best.

A little more expensive than nearby Hamees and Sindbad, which have similar views at ground level, but here you get a decent meal with a spectacular view under good protection from the sun.

If you want an excellent view of the temple at ground level, in a garden setting, go to Hamees or Sindbad instead. If you want fast food, you get similar views from Snacktime and MacDonald's. But for a 'proper' meal from a raised position under shelter from the sun, we prefer The Roof to Ali Baba.


Review updated March 2010
Prices at March 2010


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