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Metropolitan Bowling Club

metropolian bowling club

Metropolitan Bowling Club

The Metropolitan Bowling Club is between the El Kebabgy restaurant and Cilantro on the lower Corniche, opposite the Winter Palace. Unlike the other Nile-side restaurants, it has a brick-built inside, with bar and a modern two-lane bowling alley.

bowling alley

Two bowling lanes

There are seats outside, but they are on the 'inland' side of the pathway that runs along the lower Corniche, so although you can see the Nile very easily, you lose some of the effect of sitting right beside the Nile. Possibly for this reason, the Bowling Club is rarely busy during the day even though its beverage prices are really quite competitive.

A range of coffees include the cheapest, Turkish, at LE5 through to the dearest, Cappuccino, at LE10. Teas are all LE5 and a hot chocolate is the same as a Nescafe at LE7. There are also fresh juices (LE7 - LE12.5), milk shakes (from LE10), cans (LE5) and juice cocktails (from LE10). You can also order a light dessert and a shisha (from LE3).

These prices are hard to beat in any of the tourist areas, and especially so close to the Nile. A fresh juice is twice as much, LE30, at the East Bank's Nile View restaurant, not very far along the Corniche. The downside is that it has competition from edge-of-the-Nile cafés just a few metres away and from temple view cafés as well.

Most people tend to be prepared to pay a few extra local pounds to sit a few paces closer tot he Nile, but if you are walking along the Corniche and want a lower cost drink, this is the place to come.


Updated April 2013
Prices at April 2013


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