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maxime Maximes

Maxime's restaurant

(Three upper floors: entrance bottom right)

Maxime's is on the main tourist hotel road, to the south of the town (left as you face the Nile from the East Bank), just beyond the Isis hotel and on the same side of the road, above a jeweller called Madonna. Look out for Maxime written high up on the side wall of the restaurant over a newish domed building.

The restaurant was refurbished in 2004. It now has two dining floors, with a kitchen on the third, and much more capacity than before.

The furniture is basic but fine; the table linen and decorations are fresh and the staff attentive.

In the 'good old days' Maximes and 7Days were automatic choices for a large proportion of british visitors. Maxime used to be known for good meals, generous portions and really low prices. It was famed in particular for its steaks, with a good range of sauces, which were typically LE27. But from 2009 prices here increased substantially and they have never gone back. Now the fillet steaks are nearly all LE75 with sauce, which is a huge increase in a relatively few years and puts them at the top of the local price range: more expensive than many of the nearby quality restaurants.

Soups start at LE12, salads at LE8 and there are desserts from LE13. The menu includes Egyptian and international main courses, including meat, fish, poultry and vegetarian selections and some options not commonly seen at other restaurants. There are international meat-based main courses from LE35, but mostly in the LE40 - LE45 range and a good choice of fish meals are LE40 - LE75. We suggest the grilled fish in saffron sauce at LE40. Two can enjoy three courses with a soft drink (from LE8) for around LE150. Maximes is not licensed, so no alcohol is available. As well as full meals, Maxime's serves snacks, such as pastas, around LE35 and Omelettes around LE25.

Maxime's inside

Maxime's restaurant, top floor

Most dishes are well cooked, especially the fish courses and the steaks, but we have been disappointed with anything that is deep-fried including the breaded chicken. Presentation is average - utility rather than sophisticated - but portions are fair.

If you are careful what you order, Maxime's is a reasonably safe bet and still fair, if no longer exceptional, value for money: a popular choice for those who prefer not to spend the little extra for better quality at somewhere like Snobs or Dean's. However, following the increases in prices it has lost its major edge, especially on steaks. It is also beginning to lose out to nearby 'value' competition from the likes of Aisha. So it is one for the list for those seeking a range of different eating places rather than sticking to one or two favourites, but no longer an automatic choice and no longer the place to go for a steak bargain.


Review updated October 2014
Prices at October 2014
Tel: (002) (95) 2386315
Mobile 0106070538

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