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Restaurants that have closed or have been renamed


Abu Ali

Upstairs restaurant on the west bank of the Nile, which took over from the Ibis. It has now also closed and the building has been demolished.


Short-lived restaurant near the KFC roundabout. Still physically there but closed for a long while.

Asia House

Asia House was the name for the pair of restaurants in a building more or less opposite the Sky Cruise offices, past the Isis on the way to the Sheraton hotel. The Bombay is still on the first floor above the street-level shops. The Beijing, a Thai and Chinese restaurant, used to be one level above that but it is now closed and has reopened as a coffee lounge called 'Moods'.

(The) Bamboo

The ground floor restaurant in the Gaddis hotel, run by John of the Two John's, become John's Restaurant then the Gaddis restaurant.


This was the Chinese and Thai restaurant above the Bombay. It has now closed and reopened as Moods coffee lounge


This was a very small but popular restaurant serving Italian meals near to the old location of Snobs.

Brooje Holland

Small Dutch sandwich and burger bar that is still physically there but no longer operating


A decent but always little-used restaurant almost opposite Snobs, closed during the 2013/2014 troubles.


Originally sold Italian food but extended the menu to include local and international dishes. It has since closed and an English-International restaurant called Aisha has opened in its place.


The original Dragon, next to the Nile Palace hotel, has closed. It merged with the Sinouhe restaurant, opposite. The Sinouhe used to have an Egyptian and international menu but then served the Dragon's Chinese menu as well. The Sinouhe closed in October 2009 and reopened in 2010. Instead of the merged restaurants, the Dragon became separate restaurant within a restaurant with its own enclosed space, but sharing kitchen and staff. Sinouhe and Dragon are both now closed.

Fortune Cookie

Once opposite the end of St Joseph Street, where 'Dinners' is now. It was originally a Chinese restaurant, then served Chinese and Thai meals. The Thai part separated out into 'The King and Thai' in its own short-lived restaurant. Subsequently, both the Fortune Cookie and The King and Thai merged with The Taste of India into the latter's premises. The Thai menu has survived there alongside the original Indian menu and English options from the Oasis Cafe, although the Chinese menu has not.


The Ibis, on the West Bank, was only open for a short while but closed and re-opened as the Abu Ali restaurant. That restaurant has also now closed and the building has been demolished.


In an upper room more or less opposite 7Days7Ways. Never one that we would recommend, it was an early casualty of the drop in tourist numbers and has been closed ever since.

King Dude

The bar and Egyptian restaurant at the back of the ground floor of the Gaddis, run by John of Two John's fame, closed and become John's bar and Uncle John's Pizza and Pasta. In October 2010 it lost the John's name.

King Tut

There have been several King Tut restaurants in Luxor. The one at the front of the Savoy (shopping) centre near the El Luxor hotel closed and became the Pharoe at the southern end of town. Pharoe has also now closed. The King Tut in a basement at the southern end of town has also now closed.

Jamboree (old one)

The Jamboree had to close because it was demolished as part of the city centre changes. A new Jamboree has been built in the centre of the tourist market (see map) and review.


An English-run restaurant but with mostly local staff, on the first floor more-or-less opposite Deans. Still physically there but closed.

The King and Thai

Originally added to the Chinese restaurant 'The fortune Cookie' the Thai part separated out into 'The King and Thai' in its own short-lived restaurant in St Joseph Street. Now merged with The Taste of India into the latter's premises, where the Thai menu survives.


The Marhaba restaurant used to be above the rather untidy tourist shopping complex next to the (now demolished) New Winter Palace. The whole Marhaba centre has now been demolished as part of the city centre renewal programme.


A large restaurant on the east bank of the Nile, close to the mummification museum, serving mostly tour groups arriving by motor boat. The restaurant reopened as the Nile View (not to be confused with the Nile View on the west bank) but that, too, has since closed.

Oasis Cafe

Once in the road at the side of the Hotel that is now the Eatabe, it moved to St Joseph Street in amongst a great deal of competition but did not survive the 2013 tourist downturn. It is now part of the combination of brands in the 'Taste of India' restaurant further down the same road.


This restaurant used to be where the Puddleduck moved in. Puddleduck has now also closed.


There used to be a King Tut restaurant in the Savoy Centre, near the El Luxor (previously Mercure) Hotel. That restaurant closed and moved all, except its name, to a new location more-or-less opposite Deans, in the tourist restaurant area of town. When it moved the restaurant was renamed Pharoe, but much of the internal literature, such as the bills, still had the King Tut name. We thought the restaurant in its new location was better than the original King Tut in the Savoy Centre, but not special. It has now closed and the building was still empty when we last checked.


One of our favourite English-run restaurants closed when the troubles in 2013 deprived Luxor of most of its tourists. The couple who ran the restaurant now have one with the same Puddleduck name in El Gouna.

Queens Coffee

Reopened as Broodje Holland, a Dutch sandwich bar, which has also now closed.


Corridor-like restaurant off the beaten track down a side road opposite the Isis. Moved across the road to a smaller property, but now closed altogether.


The Thebes restaurant and Cleopatra bar, above the Grand, was named Thebes restaurant and Cleopatra bar in one place and Cleopatra restaurant and Horses and Coach pub in another place. (Yes, we know it should be Coach and Horses, but Horses and Coach is what it was called!). The bar is still there. The upstairs restaurant became The Red Dragon Chinese restaurant (not to be confused with the Dragon restaurant which used to be next to the Nile Palace).

Two Johns

Many regular visitors to Luxor will be familiar with the two Johns. They were the first to open an English restaurant in Luxor, 7Days 7Ways. They became so well known that their restaurant was often known as the Two Johns but it eventually passed into new management.

After a short break the Johns came back, this time in partnership with an Egyptian businessman, to run Luxor's first self-service carvery. The new carvery was called John and Johns. It was just past the Isis hotel at the southern end of town and just a few steps from 7Ways, above the Grand. The Johns moved on from there as well. The carvery became the Thebes International restaurant and then the Red Dragon.

Most regulars know that only one of the Johns was involved with the restaurants by that time. He he moved from the carvery to the Gaddis hotel, opposite the Isis hotel, a stone's throw from the previous restaurants. Initially there was John & John's restaurant and John and John's Tavern, both on the first floor by the pool. There was also the Bamboo restaurant, serving low-cost set meals mainly, but not exclusively, to half-board guests at the Gaddis on the ground floor and the King Dude, an Egyptian restaurant with Egyptian styling and a choice of Egyptian set menus, and a coffee bar.

The arrangements at the Gaddis then simplified quite a bit. King Dude's became a bar called John's bar, famous for it's karaoke, behind a simple pizza and pasta restaurant, called Uncle John's Pizza and Pasta, serving in-house and also offering takeaway. The Bamboo was replaced with John's restaurant. The top floor restaurant by the pool remained, but the tavern closed.

Suddenly, in Mid October 2010, John's involvement in the Gaddis ended. His name was blacked out of the banners at the front of the hotel and the restaurants were renamed with the hotel's own brand. John is now believed to be in Thailand.


Updated October 2014

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