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Café Latte

Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte balcony and view

The balcony and the view beyond

Our view

Coffee looks good: tastes very good. Views are fantastic. Real competition for Snacktime and McDonald's and, for us, the winner.


Snacktime and MacDonald's have extra competition for tourists looking for a drink or small snack. Café Latte is on the first, second and third floors of one of the longer established buildings behind Luxor Temple, a few doors away from MacDonald's and only slightly further from Snacktime.

As its name suggests, Café Latte serves coffee - not just latte (LE11 - LE14 depending on size) but also Americano (LE10 - LE12), Espresso (LE7 - LE10), Mocha (LE13 - LE16), French (LE7), Turkish (LE5) and Hot Chocolate (LE13).

There is also a wide selection of teas from LE6 - LE12, Milk Shakes all at LE12 and cold cans from LE7. Croissants are good for LE6 and other pastries and cakes LE10 - LE13.

The range of snacks does not match the offerings at the neighbouring competition but it has increased since they first opened and now includes some cooked snacks in baps including burgers, chicken and sausages, nearly all under LE20, and pancakes and paninis from LE15 to LE25.

There is a choice of traditional seating at tables or plenty of soft chairs and sofas from which you can still see the temple. On the second of the café’s floors is a small children's play area. Just like its neighbours, it has balconies on every level to help you enjoy an uninterrupted view of the back of Luxor Temple and the Nile and West Bank beyond.

Comfortable seating in cafe latte

Comfortable seating

Just along the road are also Ali Baba, Hamees and Sindbad, although Hamees and Sindbad are open-air rather than traditional restaurants. All three are due to be demolished to make way for further city centre development, although that proposal has been on hold for so long one wonders if it will ever materialise. Whilst they survive, these provide a wider range of proper meals. If you really just want a drink, something very light to eat, or an up-market version of the fast-food staples Cafe Latte is definitely worth a try.

Since its beginning as a coffee shop selling not much else, Café Latte has always been more up-class than the open-air and fast food restaurants along this stretch of road. Now that it has expanded its range of food to almost match the fast food outlets it has taken much of their business and is especially popular with young local couples. The menu is outside so you can check what they have before you go in. If they have what you want, we would now recommend Café Latte against all its neighbouring competition.


Reviewed October 2014
Prices at October 2014

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