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About us

What is this web site for?

We enjoy Luxor and hope to be able to help other people to enjoy their visit to Luxor, too.

Who are we?

We are based in the UK. We have no links to any holiday companies or to any person or organisation in Luxor or elsewhere in Egypt. We are not a commercial venture.

Who pays for our trips?

We do. We pay for our own flights, hotels and restaurant bills. We travel in our own names (not as LuxorTravelTips) so that we can take trips, visit restaurants, hotels etc and review them without risking 'different' treatment.

How do we make money from the web site?

We don't! Actually, it costs us quite a bit. We pay for everything getting to, and in Luxor, as any tourist would.

Apart from the obvious travel costs, we fund the writing of the web site and we pay for the web site hosting etc.

Are there any sources of income?

We do not accept advertising or 'donations' in case our neutrality appears to be compromised.

Some, but not all, travel and other companies mentioned on the site pay something towards our costs if someone comes to this site, clicks on a link to their site and then spends money. We have links and make recommendations whether or not commission is paid. Our objective is to help you to enjoy Luxor, not to reduce our costs.

A web site called www.besthighstret.com helps us with some of the web hosting costs. The more business they do, the more help we get, so using besthighstreet.com does help us indirectly. Besthighstreet.com provide shopping advice to UK customers and direct links to hundreds of major shops, less known suppliers and to providers of insurance and other services.

New information

We always welcome information, especially factual information. We do try to keep the site up to date, but things change every day and we are not necessarily first to hear. So if a restaurant has closed or a new one has opened (for example) do, please, use the contact page to let us know and we will spread the word. A photo would be good, too.

We also welcome opinions about restaurants, hotels, trips etc. We then take these opinions into account when we next visit in case we are missing something. However, we do not publish opinions until we have checked them because we tend to get quite a few from interested parties who are ecstatic about their own restaurant etc or damning about their competitors. We fear that repeating comments we have received without checking may damage the neutrality of the site. We are considering starting a forum page on the site, exclusively for the opinions of other travellers.

How many people visit LuxorTravelTips?

This varies from day to day. Overall we get about 40,000 visitors a month.

Where do visitors come from?

All over. Most visitors are from the English-speaking parts of the world, including the UK, USA, and Australia, but we have many visitors from mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Japan and other parts of Asia.


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