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Thomson / First Choice have cancelled Luxor Flights

The only charter company still flying to Luxor has cancelled flights for the rest of the summer. Their official line is:

"We are sorry to advise that Thomson and First Choice has taken the difficult decision to cancel its flying programme to Luxor for the remainder of this summer. They will also not be available in the foreseeable future".

This means that there are now no charter or low-cost companies flying to Luxor. The only air route to Luxor is by EgyptAir, via another country or by flying to Hurghada and going by road to Luxor (about 3 - 4 hours). The route does not pass through any areas regarded as 'no-go' by the UK government, but check their latest advice if you are thinking about this option.

Foreign Office advice on the threat of terrorism has been strengthened, but there is no ban on going to Luxor. See the bigger 'Security Situation' box below for more information


Temperature in Luxor at local (Luxor) time:

Find more about Weather in Luxor, EG

This is the temperature in Luxor now. Temperatures are measured in the shade. The actual temperature may be much higher in the sun.

Click here for more about the weather, including a forecast.



Two new(ish) things in Luxor to look out for.
Although the Dendera Nile trip doesn't run very often because of a lack of tourists, there is a new 1 night cruise to Edfu, returning next day by road.
Ice cream at a fraction of hotel and restaurant prices at Wenkie's (closed Thurs and Fri).



Some restaurants, especially restaurants owned or managed by non-Egyptians, but also local restaurants dependant on tourists, closed for much of the autumn & winter 2013 and the early spring of 2014 because of the lack of customers. They began opening again in March 2014 although some did not survive and remain closed. We are revising our reviews (see the 'updated' date at the foot of the page). See also the list of closed restaurants.


Cairo - Luxor cruise is back

The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has recently changed its travel advice on Egypt to remove the 'ban' on going to several areas in the Nile Valley between Cairo and Luxor. As a consequence, it is now possible once more to take the 'long cruise' down the 460 mile stretch of the Nile between Cairo and Luxor. The cruise goes through parts of the Nile Valley that have not been affected by modern tourism and takes in such places as Amarna, Akhenaten's capital of Egypt, where Tutankhamun was born. The long cruise takes about 8 days including visits along the way and can be booked locally. Voyages Jules Verne also have a 10-day package which includes flights from Heathrow.


Exchange rate now

These are current exchange rates, provided by coinmill.com and updated constantly. (If the list does not appear, or has fewer than 5 currencies, it may be because the rates are being updated. Please come back to this page later).

You are not likely to get these rates outside Egypt. For a better exchange rate, get your currency when you get there, not before you go.

Click here to read more about money including other exchange rates
Click here for a list of Visa cash machines in Luxor



Most visitors need a visa to get into Luxor. Travel Agents often suggest you get one in advance. Read the page about visas to help you decide when to get yours. The cost is currently $25 but you can pay in £.

top tip

Don't buy your visa from a tour rep. Many of them take huge commission without even telling you. Read more ...


Security Situation

The FCO have not changed their advice about whether or not to travel to Luxor since the attempted attack on Karnak Temple in June 2015, but they have strengthened their warnings about the threat of terrorism.

The FCO are not advising against travel to Luxor.

In the past, the FCO had advised against all but essential travel to Luxor and most other parts of Egypt, but that advice no longer applies, leaving it open for tourists to return without being so concerned about insurance and other implications. See their latest advice here. There are also currently no Egyptian government curfews.

Thomson relisted flights and package holidays to Luxor from 5th March 2014 but cancelled them again in June 2015. There is no imminent likelihood of a resumption, even after the summer.

Some companies offer flights using scheduled airlines. For example, Kuoni started holidays from April 2014. See their availability here.

Easyjet were the last to pull out of Luxor in July 2013. Their latest official travel advice doesn't mention Luxor. They have told us that they have no immediate plans to reinstate the Luxor route but that they will keep it under review.

Egyptair still have their normal flights between Heathrow and Cairo, Manchester and Cairo and between Cairo and Luxor.

Although there was some trouble early in this latest sequence of political problems, they were on a relatively small scale and were soon over. The trouble was certainly nothing like as bad as in some bigger cities. Luxor is now calm but very empty. Security is very evident, with sandbags, soldiers with machine guns and even tanks in prominent positions, especially near the main police station.

All Egypt's archaeological sites were closed at one time, and the official line was that they would be closed indefinitely. Despite this, sites in Luxor, including the tombs, have been open. Although no-one can be absolutely certain what the position might be from day to day, you can be reasonably certain that you will be able to visit the usual sites.

Holidays to the Red Sea resorts were not affected by the travel limitations although there were some travel restrictions between dusk and dawn for a while and in some resorts guests were once advised to remain in their hotels. There was some trouble in Hurghada in a non-tourist area and at the marina but the FCO never warned against travel to the resorts themselves and flights continued.

Before the series of demonstrations that started in June 2013 and were ongoing sporadically until the 2014 elections, the previous significant political activity in Luxor was a celebration of the anniversary of the January uprising. These were very small scale and entirely peaceful.

By and large, Luxor people are massively affected by anything that deters tourists, because tourism is such a huge part of the local economy. Most people don't want to put you off going to Luxor and spending your money. Nevertheless, feelings about the political situation can run high, so some people, albeit relatively few, may be inclined to make some kind of gesture from time to time.

If you are going to Luxor and want to minimise the risk of being affected by any gathering there might be, it is best to be aware of the riskiest places and the riskiest times. The places most likely to be affected are:

- the police and security headquarters in Medina Street (more or less behind the Gaddis - see the map);
- the police station near where Puddleduck restaurant used to be and
- the Governorate next to the Eatabe (previously El Luxor) hotel

The most likely times for get-togethers are after midday prayers on Fridays.

If there are demonstrations, any crowds usually gather (sometimes following 'feeder' marches from the north and south of the city) in the paved area behind Luxor Temple (opposite Snacktime and McDonalds). The main march would normally start there and head in the direction of the station or to the Governorate Building next to the Eatabe hotel.

Not all of the police and security departments have been working normally since the change of government, so police response to situations can be delayed or restricted and security may be less evident than it used to be.


The time in Egypt

Egypt used to be 2 hours ahead of British time most of the year but Egyptian clocks have not gone forward since 2010, so Egypt is only one hour ahead of the UK all summer. When the UK changes its clocks back for the autumn, and Egypt does not, Egypt is then TWO hours ahead of the UK until the UK clocks go forward the following spring. Read more...


Balloons flying again

Five balloon companies, Hod Hod, Magic Horizon, Alaska, Sindbad & Dream, have been allowed to start flying again following an inspection by the Egyptian CAA of their procedures and equipment. Sky Cruise, whose balloon crashed, and several others, have not (yet) been allowed back into the air.

Package tour companies are not recommending or arranging flights, but you can book them through local agents.

For more on the background to this, see the other box lower down this column.

What to pack

Light cottons for the day. A woolly or fleece for the evening if you are in Luxor between November and March or if you are going to Cairo on the overnight train. Beachwear is only appropriate within the hotel grounds or on a cruise ship. There is more about this on the What to Wear page.

Airport formalities

Read the item called arriving to take you step by step through what happens when you get to the airport.

Travel insurance

Insurance provided by credit card companies usually only covers you for personal accidents whilst on the journey paid for using the card - not for illness or other accidents whilst you are abroad. Check the terms with your card issuer.

Free insurance offered with some bank accounts may also be limited - possibly to Europe, although in some cases 'Europe' includes Egypt and the other countries bordering the Mediterranean. Again, check carefully before taking it that you are covered.

Most adults under 65 can get travel insurance to Egypt for a week, including hot air ballooning, for around 8. See the insurance page for more.

What to see

Luxor is probably best known for its decorated tombs, for its temples and as a start or finish point for Nile cruises. Luxor has all this to offer and a great deal more. For a hint of things to see, visit the sights page.

Tutankhamun's Tomb
See it while you can!

There are reports that Tutankhamun's tomb will be totally closed to visitors at some unspecified date in the near future. Humidity from the breath of visitors has caused 'dramatic' deterioration of the decorations and the plaster to which the paints have been applied is blistering and crumbling away. Facsimiles of the tombs of Seti I, Nefertari and Tutankhamun have been constructed. They will be sited in or near the Valley of the Kings, in a position that has not yet been determined, and visitors will have to see these instead of the real thing.

Gippy Tummy

A lot of the problems are not caused by food, but when you pick up bugs on your hands (e.g. from dirty notes) and don't have chance to wash before touching your food or your face.

Milton anti-bacterial gelIt is best to take some anti-bacteria gel wherever you go and use it regularly. You can get it from most pharmacies or buy this one online at around 1.50 for 100ml - click the picture for more details.

For more about tummy problems see the health page.

If you are unwell

Most hotels have access to English speaking doctors. Most medicines are easily available and very cheap. Read about pharmacies on the health page. If the worst happens, Luxor has a large and quite modern hospital.

Skin care

Avon's Skin So Soft body oil is reputed to have 'anti insect' qualities as well as keeping your skin moist in the dry Egyptian heat. For more about caring for your skin in the sun see the Sun page.

Take something to read

Richard & Judy books


All ten Richard & Judy bookclub books are about half price

Over-tipping: beware!

Beware of over-tipping! Informal traders and touts in Luxor have an extremely effective communication network. If you become known as a generous tipper, you will receive ever more attention. Read more on the tipping page.

Where to stay

Most kinds of accommodation are available, from tent pitches to 5 star hotels. Read the Hotels section for a review of some.

Getting around

Read the page on getting around to find out about taxis, buses and the different boats that sail the Nile.

Emergency Numbers

Police 122
Ambulance 123


The Holidays section has information about booking packages or just flights or hotels.


luggage_scalesThe airlines are getting very fussy about weights. You can get a useful gadget for about 8 that includes a 22kg scale and a tape measure so that you can check, and demonstrate if necessary, that your luggage is not overweight. These gadgets could save you a lot more than their cost in luggage supplements avoided. You can get them in travel shops or click the image for more details (and to buy online if you want to).

Reading in Luxor

Many of the bigger hotels have libraries of English language novels you can borrow. Ask at reception. Magazines are more difficult to find in Luxor. If you prefer to read magazines it is best to take them with you. You can get trials of the 3 latest issues of some major magazines for 1.

Drink plenty

It is extremely hot all year round. Dehydration is the greatest health risk. Always take plenty of water. It is cheap and easy to get safe bottled water. Keep it cool if you can, but don't drink it really cold as this may upset your stomach. More about keeping well.


You will need a 2 pin continental type converter.Double plug adapter This one provides two 13 amp outlets plus a nightlight and is delivered post free from Electric Shopping. You need the European one, not the US one. Electric Shopping also have other travel accessories, all post-free.

Birds in Luxor

Little Green Bee-eaterWe have photos and details of birds seen in Luxor, and photos without details of some more we have not identified. Help welcome! More.......


Beware of counterfeit LE100 notes circulating widely in Luxor. If anyone asks you to change a LE100 note - don't!

Read more about other scams here

More on balloons (also see above)

A tragic accident killed Japanese, French, UK and Chinese tourists on 26th February 2013, when a gas cylinder exploded. Balloon flights were suspended for about 2 months but restarted at the end of April 2013. Read more from the BBC here.

Before this, following 3 serious accidents in 2009, balloon trips were stopped for several months but restarted on 26th October 2009.

After each 'stoppage' new rules were introduced limiting the number of balloons and requiring new licensing and fees to various authorities and, in 2013, requiring a prescribed safety briefing before each flight.

Before the 2009 problems prices had fallen to really low levels - around 25 per person, but the new rules caused prices to increase for a while in 2009 and 2010 but they subsequently settled back down. The reduction in tourism in 2011 onwards encouraged the slide. By early 2012 many companies were again offering balloon trips for as little as LE250 (25), before flights were again suspended following the 26th February accident. For more see 'Hot air balloon' on the Sights page and insurance.

Hotel changes

The Mercure Inn (Coralia) became the Swiss Inn and has since been demolished. The Mercure Hotel (Etap) on the Corniche became the El Luxor hotel and is now the Eatabe.

About us and our sponsors

We travel, stay and dine anonymously, pay all travelling, hotel and other costs ourselves and do not accept donations or advertising from anyone. This keeps us independent and neutral. We also do the web site design and management ourselves.

We have no connection to anyone, any company, any government or any private organisation in Luxor or elsewhere.

We have to pay for web hosting (that enables you to access the site from anywhere in the world). To help us to pay these costs, we receive a small commission from some of the big travel companies and hotel agencies if you get to a company's web site by clicking on a link from LuxorTravelTips and book a holiday, flight or hotel online. So, if you book holidays or flights online, it helps us (and doesn't cost you any more) if you click onto their site via a link from this one.

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This is often difficult. You don't want to overdo it, but you don't want to be mean. Read the tipping page for the latest guide.


Further Reading

Click on any cover to go straight to the bookseller's web site for more details.
These books are all priced at about 20 - 30% less than the normal retail prices.


Rough Guide to Egypt


Lonely Planet Egypt


Eyewitness Guide to Egypt


Berlitz Egypt


Footprint Egypt


Ancient Egypt Timeline


Nile Style


Egyptian cuisine
and culture
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and modern

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